Jaya - more than just a massage...

Healing Bodywork is not like what you usually get in a spa type facility. Jaya is a true healer, skilled in many disciplines, all of which she brings to bear to heal you.

Jaya combines therapies for best results, designing the massage that best suits your needs.  A relaxing yet deep massage.  She uses acupressure along the spine and neck, some reflexology on the feet.  Polarity to reduce tightness and pain.  Advanced Cranial Sacral Therapy (Jaya’s specialty) to help relieve tension in the spine and neck.  Migraines, back, knee, scar and orthopedic issues can be addressed. 

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Pain and Stress Relief: The rigors and repetition of daily life can result in tight muscles and postural issues, which massage and the variety of healing therapies offered by Jaya can help with.